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How does app development work? Can I develop an app by myself? Do I need certain previous knowledge?

Anyone can theoretically make an app. Coding an Android app or coding an iPhone app doesn’t seem so hard. But only theoretically… Why? Here you will find the answer! Thanks to the importance and distribution of apps, our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to create their own app. However, coding an Android App or iPhone App is not always a trifle for everyone. To learn this, you need a lot of time and above all interest in the topic of app development. It usually takes many days or months until you get the desired result. App development – „Can I do that too“? Keep looking…

App programming is not required with the App maker from AppYourself

Develop an app without programming

App development is not easy – but with the AppYourself App maker it is!

Plan your app project

Customize the look of your app

Simply add the desired modules

Simply add the desired modules

Publish your app

Coding an app – This is how you do it

Being able to program an app is always a good piece of programming work. It’s not that easy to get the app up to date without the necessary prior knowledge. With us you will find the app builder that writes the appropriate code for you, but you can also try to learn how to program apps on your own. Think about which platform you need your app for first, because app programming is slightly different on Android and on iOS. Take a quick look at what you need to program an app well:

Develop an Android App

Develop iOS App

  • – Objective-C oder Swift – languages
  • – Computer – Mac
  • – Operating System: iOS
  • – Development environment: Xcode – SDK: everything you need. Just download it!

Do you need some help?

Our App maker is the best solution for you! You can have your own app without having to program an app

You don’t have time, do you? You don’t know anything?

You have an idea, but need support?

We develop the app for you!

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