Communication In The Home Office: Be There For Your Customers From Home

Communication while doing Home Office via push notifications and chat messages

Keep Customers And Employees Informed Currently, many companies have closed their doors and managers and employees are working from home – a reaction to the spreading coronavirus. Thanks to video conferencing and other forms of remote communication, it is possible to keep up the daily work routine and to provide both employees and customers with up-to-date […]

Fast mobile websites still scarce in Germany

The ranking shows Germany is in the middle filed of fast mobile websites

Three become one – users jump off faster It’s no secret that many users leave mobile websites quickly when their loading time exceeds the hardwearing limit. Until now: users jump off the website when it takes more than three seconds to load. Now that has changed, according to Think with Google DE* users seem even […]

That’s beautiful! Inspire your customers with a beautiful app design!

Comparación entre dos hermosos diseños de aplicaciones

Beautiful app design: what suits you? This is certainly one of the first questions when it comes to creating your own app. What should it look like and which design best represents your company? It is important to keep in mind that the app design must not only please you, but also your customers. After […]

Microsoft relies on Chromium for the new Edge Browser under Windows 10

Edge Browser basiert nun auf Chromium

Microsoft’s Edge browser gets new base For days, the news that Microsoft is working on a new Edge browser has been causing a stir. This fact is not yet earth-shattering in itself, but it has now been announced that the Edge browser is now also based on the open source browser Chromium. Edge will also […]

Your own hotel booking app will advance your hotel business

Own hotel booking app using for offers and the digital stamp card

Your own hotel booking app simplifies the booking process As a hotel owner, it is important to you that guests regularly book a room with you. The hotel booking should be as easy as possible. Your own hotel booking app will help you. You don’t have to do without your previous booking process. Simply combine […]

Hungry guests? They can place orders via your own delivery app

Sending promotions as push notifications via your delivery service app

Pizza, burger or sushi? Many people ask themselves this question when it comes to food. You’re hungry, but you don’t have time or desire to cook. So, you order your favorite food and that’s where you come in! Offer your menu and your service simply via your own delivery app. So you are always represented […]

Integration of external websites via iFrames with AppYourself!

New services appear almost daily on the Internet & new needs are constantly arising to integrate these services into the company’s offerings and processes. Offers an effective way to integrate external content. This makes it easy to integrate existing pages such as or Bookatable etc. via iFrames into your apps. Table of contents 1 In […]

Guideline 4.2.6 from Apple: Meaning for AppYourself

Apple lehnt iOS Apps aus einem App Baukasten ab

UPDATE: Submission possible. Simply create your app and submit it to the Apple App Store. Apple complicates the submission of apps in the App Store With the introduction of the new policy 4.2.6, Apple has taken a step further to keep unwanted apps out of its own app store. These include spam apps, imitation apps […]

Your Barber App – schedule outages “goodbye”

Appointment noted, but nobody is there? You might know it too: Your calendar announces the next customer – to dye hair. You already prepared everything you need for this job. But he makes you wait. A few minutes later, you realize, that your customer forgot about the date. But you can do something against it – with your own […]

The FanCard from SAMFORCITY: App Customizing as a Success Story


How SAMFORCITY implemented the FanCard as an individual App Customizing with AppYourself Former professional footballer Marius Sowislo founded an interactive sports network called SAMFORCITY in 2014. The aim is to enable competitive athletes, fans, clubs and business partners to network and support each other. With the help of the FanCard – a membership card – […]