Customer Management

Smart CRM for small and medium companies

User has a personalized profile with name and image. This enables you rto communicate individually and on a personal with your customers.


With the AppYourself CRM, the relationship with the customer can be maintained and the customer contact can be made even more individual. Customers can be targeted and provided with information in this way. Companies are always in touch with their customers with their own app.

The information obtained is used to create personalized offers. These can be sent to the customers via app. Our CRM thus allows customer-oriented work and simplifies the approach to the customers.

CRM für kleine Unternehmen


Know and understand your customers

Which app modules are particularly popular? How many stamps have been collected? Learn all about the meaningful customer profile and use this information to push your customers to send appropriate offers. You can simplify your customer management in this way and provide your customers with the best service.


Individual and direct contact

Connect with your customers via chat and benefit from this exclusive communication channel. Not only you reach your customers at any time, also your customers can become active themselves and inform you about requests or requests via app. Meet your customers on this personal level and solidify the customer relationship in the long term.
Den Messenger via Progressive Web App nutzen

Simple. Efficient. Unique.

Customer profile displays customer-relevant information

Individual and personal customer contact

Personalized offers via push message and chat

Fast and efficient processing of customer inquiries


What is the difference between active and inactive users

You can communicate with active users, you can view all the information in the profile and interact with the user. Inactive users are grayed out. An interaction and communication is not possible.

What is the difference between user and visitor

A user is someone who has interacted with your app or the widget on the site. So, for example has started a chat, has sent an appointment request or has collected a stamp.

A visitor just visited but did not interact with the web app or website.

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