Know your customers better
Connect with them directly
Retain them effectively

The smart customer management tool for small businesses

Learn more about your customers and contact them in a personalised way with the simple CRM from AppYourself

AppYourself CRM - The smart customer management tool for small businesses

With the CRM from AppYourself you can get to know your customers better, thus improving the customer relationship and making a more individual communication possible. With your own app, you have a direct connection to your customer.

Use the information you get from the customer profile to create personalised offers, that can be sent directly to the customer via chat message or push notifications. Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.


The detailed customer profile in our CRM for your app

Mobile live chat - Exclusive messenger in your app


Individual and direct customer contact

With the live chat feature you have an exclusive and direct communication channel with your customers. You can use it to send personalised offers to your customers, as well as your customers can contact you for inquiries, reservations or bookings. Address your customers in a more personal way and establish this way a strong and long-lasting customer relationship.

Easy. Efficient. Unique.

Customer profile shows relevant information

Individual and personal customer contact

Personalised offers via chat and push notifications

Fast processing of customers inquiries

Get to know your customers better and increase your customer loyalty now