This is how you can easily add and create addons to your shop module

Adding addons to your shopping cart
You want to add an extra to your product? Then you can achieve this with the so-called addons. For example, you can specify whether the addons should have an influence or not on the final price of your product. You can add any number of addons to your products. Furthermore, you can also specify how many addons your customers can add to their shopping cart per product. For example, you offer your pizza with the addon mushrooms 100g. Your customers can also choose 200g mushrooms by simply adding it 2 times.

This is how you can add addons to your products

In order to use the addons, you must first add them to your shop module. You do this in the shop module in the tab Collection Design > Advanced options. Under Add entry you will find the button Addons. Click on it and confirm with Save.
Activating addons in order to use them for the shop module
Call up your pizza under the tab Collection Items > Created Products. In the area Add Product, you will now find the button Manage addons. Now click on this button. A mask opens in which you can make several settings:

Manage your addons for your products

  • Name of the Addons (e.g. Extras)
  • Required options: Specify here how many addons your customer must select in order for your pizza to be added to the shopping cart (e.g. at least 1).
  • Name of the options: (e.g. Double cheese, More pineapple, Special ham)
  • Price of options (e.g. Double cheese: 1,00 €, More pineapple: 0,60 €, Special ham: 0,80 €)
  • Quantity: Set a limit how often an option can be added to your pizza (e.g. max. 2 x Double cheese)

After you’ve set everything up, save your addons. Once you have finished editing your pizza, save it. On the right in the simulator you can see how it looks like in your app.

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