Specify which data you want to receive from your app users

In the Manage section under Settings > Profiles you will find the app profile, which you can edit and extend with form fields, e.g. name or phone number, individually. So you can get information about your users directly from the app when they fill out their profile. In addition, the form options offer you the possibility to store information about your users within the profile.

Select profile icon

Choose your icon for the app profile


By default, an icon is set for the profile of the app user. Of course you can also use an individual icon for the profile section. Just like when changing the module icons, just click on the icon. A window opens and you can select a suitable icon from the respective tabs. Under the individual tab you can also upload your own profile icon. This must be in SVG format. Click on the Save button to accept the new profile icon.

Add form fields to the profile
Under the item Edit form fields you can add further fields, e.g. text, URL and shift buttons, edit them individually and provide them with corresponding form options.


You can use options for the form fields of the app profile


Options of the form fields
For each form field, you can choose from four options: required, not editable, invisible, and feature in profile.

  • required: Your app users must fill out the form field to save the profile
  • not editable: The form field is displayed in the profile of your users, but they cannot edit it themselves. For example, you can set their status (active) there
  • invisible: you can set form fields as invisible for the app users, e.g. if you want to store internal notes about your users
  • feature in profile: You can specify whether a form field, e.g. the member status (active) should be highlighted in the profile. The status will be displayed to your app users in the app’s profile under their picture and name

As soon as you have assigned the appropriate options to the form fields, you must publish your app again in the dashboard.

In addition, you can access and edit all the defined form fields and options in the respective user profile directly in the dashboard. To do this, select a user in the Users section of the user list and click on the Edit icon to view or edit the information manually. For example, you can change the status of your user if he is one step further in your registration process.

Editing the user information directly in the app profile

You are free to deactivate the app profile. You can do this by moving the slider Enable Profiles to the left. If this is the case, the app users can no longer access and edit the profile.

Enable and disable the app profile

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