To connect the Smart Widget to your WordPress website, it is first necessary to install a so-called plugin – an extension tool – in your WordPress Dashboard. In our case we need the plugin Install Header and Footers. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click in the left navigation on the menu item Plugins.

Using the smart widget for WordPress

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In this menu you can search for the desired plugin or, if you have already downloaded it, under Upload plugin. The installation is done by clicking on the Install button. Once the plugin has been installed, it only needs to be activated. To do this, confirm in the dialog box “Activate this plugin”.

Now go to the AppYourself Dashboard and select Promote> Smart Website. Again, you can specify whether visitors should be automatically redirected to your app and/or Messenger should be integrated into your website. Confirm your input by clicking the Save button.

Integrating the smart widget into your WordPress website

Copy the JavaScript code shown there and switch back to your WordPress website. Click on Settings> Install Headers and Footers in the navigation and simply insert the JavaScript code in the upper window. Confirm the setting by clicking on Save. Now your website is connected to the Smart Widget.

Copy the JS Code into your WordPress website

Source: WordPress

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