More variety for your products in the shop of your app

You can give your products different variants. These have an effect on the final price of the product. For example, you offer a Pizza Hawaii in the sizes small, medium and large. Depending on which size is selected, the price of the pizza also changes.

Product variations for ordering pizza in different sizes

This is how you create the product variations

The product variations are already active in your shop. To be able to use them, the entry Price must first be noted in the shop module under Collection Design > Advanced options. Then call up your pizza under the tab Collection Items > Created Products. In the area Add Product, you can now edit your pizza and add a list price and a description, for example. The list price of the pizza always remains unchanged. You will also see the Product variations button on the right. Click on this button. Now you can give your pizza Hawaii the following properties:

How you can add product variations to your shop module

  • The variation group name (Size)
  • The names of the variations between which the user can choose (small, medium, large)
  • The price of the variations (e.g. small: 5,00 €, medium: 6,00 €, large: 7,00 €)

Then save your product variations. As soon as you have finished editing your product, save it. Now it will be displayed on the right side of the simulator.

What is the difference to the product options?

You can also define product options for your pizza (under Collection Design > Advanced options). Compared to the product variations, however, these have no influence on the base price of your pizza.

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