When do I need to convert my Individual Account to an Organization Account?

As soon as the legal status of your company changes and either a GmbH, AG, KG or corporation (Corp., Inc.) has been transferred, the conversion of the developer account to an Organization is necessary. This is important so that Apple can establish the connection between your app and your business in future updates. If this is not the case, further updates for the app will be rejected.

How to convert your developer account

If you have previously opened an Individual account with Apple, you can convert it by following these steps:

  1. Send a request to Apple Developer Program Support
  2. Open Contact Us form in Apple Developer Program
  3. If necessary, log in using your existing Apple ID and password

Fill in the request form

  1. Select a region
  2. Enter a suitable subject for your message
    In the message field, specify that you want to convert your account from Individual to Organization and enter the following additional information:
  3. Name: First and last name of the CEO
  4. Name of the organization: Your company name with the legal form, e.g. GmbH, KG, AG etc. This name appears in the App Store as the app seller/developer’s name.
  5. Account Type: Company/Organization
  6. Indication of the D-U-N-S number
  7. Address: your company address
  8. Phone number: the phone number where Apple can contact you and for account verification
  9. Then send the form (by clicking on Send).

It may take up to two weeks for Apple to contact you via the phone number provided in the form to verify the registration of your developer account.


Please note that you write the complete message in English.

Last Update: July 25, 2018  

July 25, 2018   Corinna Stoer    App Administration  
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