To submit your app to the Google Play Store, please send us an invitation to your Google Developer account with administrator rights.
You send an invitation as follows:


  1. Log into the Google Play Developer Console
  1. Click Settings > User Accounts & Rights > Invite New User. Please enter the following e-mail address here:


Click Settings > API Access


  1. Log in to the Google Play Console
  2. Click Settings > API Access
  3. Click Create Service Account and follow the Google API Console link
  4. Then click Create Service Account at the top of the Developer Console
  5. Assign a name for the service account
  6. Click Role and select Service Accounts > Service Account Users
  7. Set the checkmark in the checkbox Provide new private key
  8. Select JSON as the key type
  9. Click Create to close the dialog
  10. Make a note of the file name of the JSON file you just downloaded
  11. In the Google Play Developer Console, click Done to close the dialog
  12. Click Allow access for the service account you just created
  13. Select the version manager from the drop-down menu
  14. Click on Add user to close the dialog
  15. Upload the JSON file to your dashboard in the corresponding field


Last Update: February 12, 2016  

February 12, 2016   AppYourself    SUBMISSION PROCESS  
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