How to showcase your app in the Google Play Store and reach more people

You can add screenshots of the app, an app icon, an advertising video or graphic, a 360-degree image, and a banner asset for Android TV to optimally present the app in the Google Play Store.

App screenshots
At least two screenshots are required for your app to be published in the Google Play Store. These can be either in JPEG or 24-bit PNG format (no alpha). The minimum size must not be less than 320 px and not more than 3840 px.

Please note
The screenshots can also be uploaded via the selected device. A detailed explanation can be found on the support page of the Google Play Store.

App icon
It must be in 32-bit PNG format with the alpha channel and a size of 512 px x 512 px. The maximum file size must not exceed 1024 KB.

Advertising video
An advertising video can be stored in the app entry in the Google Play Store. Simply enter the URL of the YouTube video in the Advertising video field. It is important to enter the URL of a YouTube video and not the URL of a channel or playlist.

Advertising graphics
The advertising graphic is used up to Android version 4.0 and is available in JPEG or 24-bit PNG format (no alpha) and has a size of 180 px x 120 px.

360-degree image
If the app is optimized for DayDream (special features are displayed on the smartphone when it is loaded), a 360-degree image can be added to the app entry and presented in the Google Play Store.

Banner asset for Android TV
This function is available when the app is to be released for Android TV. The banner asset of the Android TV is the app icon. This can also be either in JPEG or 24-bit PNG format (no alpha) with a size of 1280 px x 720 px.

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November 21, 2018   Corinna Stoer    App Administration  
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