The publishing of your app takes place in the Publish section of the dashboard, by clicking on the button “Publish now”. In order to do that, first you need to order a plan for your app. According to the plan you ordered, you will send the latest changes you made in your app to the live version of your app on all available platforms. For example, if you ordered the Web Only plan, only the web app will be updated. When you change something in your app, it is not automatically published, only when you click in the button “Publish now”. Of course, this does not apply to the app preview, where you can instantly preview and test all the changes you make to your app.

It is also important to mention that by clicking on the button “Publish now”, your app will not be published in the app stores. For that, you need to submit your app and that’s a different process. If your app is already submitted and available on the app store, the native version of your app will also be updated when you click on the “Publish now” button.

Last Update: March 10, 2017  

March 10, 2017   Denis von Brasche    FEATURES  
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