Active and inactive users in the app or PWA – what does that mean?

The app plans (Starter, Premium and Enterprise) have a so-called user limit of active users.

  • Starter: up to 200 active users
  • Premium: up to 2,000 active users
  • Enterprise: Unlimited active users

These are users who have been activated in the customer management system and can be processed via the user list and contacted via chat and push message. Furthermore, it is also possible to view the respective usage behavior, e. g. to send personalized offers via app or PWA.

In addition to the active users there are also inactive users. These are users who exceed the user limit or who you have deactivated yourself via the user profile.

A small example: If you choose the Starter plan, 200 active users are included. The 201st user is therefore an inactive user. You can see this user in the user list, he or she can also use your app with all modules, but you can’t reach him or her via chat or push notification. This is only possible if you deactivate another user.

You are also welcome to read our blog post on the subject of user limit.

Last Update: November 29, 2018  

January 17, 2018   Corinna Stoer    Progressive Web Apps & Smart Widget  
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