While using a PWA you’ll come accross web banners

Web App banners are small pop-up windows that appear when the progressive web app is being used. These handled a request or opportunity that the PWA users to carry out.

– Web App banner 1: permission to send push messages

– Web App banner 2: Put the PWA on the homescreen

The ensure a user-friendly and goal-oriented usage behavior, Google gives the appearance of this web app banners according to a certain logic.

When the PWA is started for the first time, the push web app banner appears, which offers the possibility to use the PWA Push Messages. If the Internet user clicks “Reject”, no push messages are sent to him. If the user deletes the Cache of his browser and recalls the PWA, the banner appears once again to obtain the permission. Furthermore, there is a second web app banner which appears by using the PWA. It’s the Web App Install Banner which is used to display the PWA on the homescreen. If this is rejected, the banner will no longer appear. However, the PWA can be manually added over google chrome browser.

Last Update: November 29, 2018  

October 23, 2017   florian    Progressive Web Apps & Smart Widget  
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