The Success Story
of Shell Scholz

Business Boost with the

Loyalty Card App

With the stamp card app your customers can collect stamps via mobile phone

Tobias Trinter is responsible for the creation and design of the Shell Scholz App and is involved with heart and soul. For him, the app is the ideal tool for further developing customer loyalty and being even closer to the customer.

The Loyalty Card App

AppYourself as a partner

“It’s just great how you can create a professional customer retention app with simple tricks.”

App promotion

“We promoted our app on Facebook and in the gas stations. We created a flyer in business card size and placed a QR code there for downloading the app and displaying it at the gas stations.”

The Business Boost

digital-loyalty-customer loyalty
Mit der Stempelkarte App ist die Bonuskarte immer dabei

“We have about 400 digital stamp cards in use, more than half of which have already been redeemed. We and our customers are enthusiastic about the app. For many it has become a daily ritual to present the tickets when buying a coffee or a car wash. In the age of digitization, it was the perfect time to integrate the two modules into the app.”

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