Define how your messages are delivered to your users with Marketing Automation

You have the option of making special configurations for each template. This can be useful for one or the other application.

Making some configurations in the templates of the marketing automation

Type of campaign
You can specify whether your campaign should run automatically (forever) or only once (manually). Manual campaigns are sent only once to the starting point of the campaign. This means that new users will not receive this message. Campaigns that should always run will reach all users that match the filter settings.

Start date
Here you specify when your campaign should reach your users. You can send it immediately (now) or at a defined time (planned).

Message sending times
Here you can specify whether your message should be sent to your users on certain weekdays and times. Here you can also take over the times from your opening hours. If you send messages outside of your opening hours, they will not be lost, but will be sent at the next possible time. This setting makes sense if you don’t want to send messages at night or outside your opening hours.

Delay message
If you do not want to send the message immediately, you can set a delay period here. A message that arrives at the user with a delay will be more credible than a message that is sent to the user immediately. If, for example, your user has entered his shoe size in the app, you do not want to send him an offer for your shoes immediately. You will send this message to him later.

Reenter the campaign
Specify here whether you want your users to receive the same message again. They will only receive the message if they meet the conditions of the set filters again. This setting is useful, for example, if you want to draw your users’ attention to the fact that they have not yet completed their purchase in your app. On the other hand, you do not want to allow your users to re-enter the campaign if it is an exclusive, unique offer.

Starting your campaign
If all configurations meet your expectations, click on the blue Save and run button. You will automatically be redirected to the Campaign management and can view the status of your campaign.

You can also save any template as a draft by clicking the small arrow next to the Save and run button. You can edit existing campaigns at any time. You can stop them and edit them by clicking on the Edit icon.

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