Your customers buy your products conveniently and easily via app

With the shop module you can sell your products and services directly via your app. The module has four different tabs in which you can make settings.

Collection Design

In the Collection Design tab of the shop module you can first select the presentation of your products. Three variants are available to you. In addition, you can sort your products according to different criteria, e.g. by name. The Detailed view allows you to take a closer look at the products and services. Under Advanced Settings you can add further categories or descriptions to your products and services.
The shop module contains the collection design for your shop module

Collection Items

In the Collection Items tab, you can now create the corresponding products under Add Product or Upload File and integrate them into the app.
Add products to your shop module

If you have added a product, you can adapt it by clicking on it under Created Products. In that new window you can change the name, the price and the type of product.You can change or adjust your products

What are Addons?

You can add certain specifications to your products (e.g. product variations and addons).

In order to use this function, the Addons entry must first be added (Collection Design > Advanced options) and confirmed with Save.

Using the advanced settings of the shop module

Product variations
If you click on the button Product variations, you can (in this example) add a size and the corresponding price to the product salad and confirm with Save. Depending on which size is selected, the price of the salad also changes.

In order to use the product variations, the entry Price must first be noted in your shop.

Changing the product variations inside the shop module

Manage Addons
The same applies if you click on the Manage addons button. There you can, for example, open the dressing category for the salad, add different varieties of a dressing and define the corresponding surcharge. Addons can be combined in groups, can be used as free, with surcharge, required or purely optional. Confirm the settings with Save. In order to save all settings, the button Save as main view Create product must be selected again.

Managing addons inside the shop module

This will look like the following in your app:

The shop module looks like this in the app


With a click on the button Add to cart the desired product is in the cart. This is indicated by a small 1 next to the cart icon. If you now click on the icon, you can select whether further salads (with the same specifications) are to be added to the cart or deleted. To do this, confirm the plus or minus sign. This has an effect on the final price of the order.

Adding and removing products inside the cart of the shop module

Shop Settings

Under Shop Settings in the General settings of the shop module you can specify to which e-mail address the orders should be sent and in which currency they should be priced. You can also choose the shipping methods via DHL or self collection. In the Shipping Terms window, you can add a corresponding description. The form settings allow you to specify which fields should be declared as mandatory fields. Payment options, Customer notifications and Legal information can be added in the respective fields.
In the shop module you can change the shop settings


The Orders tab combines all incoming orders that you have already received from your customers. You can easily download the orders as a CSV file by clicking on the button Download Orders.

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