The Contact Module

Choose between three different display modes of the contact module In this module you can store your contact details. You can choose between three different layouts for the contact module. The [...]

The Review Module

Transparency for more credibility Be transparent and integrate reviews about your company from external providers (e.g. yelp) into your app. Alternatively, you can also create your own evaluation [...]

The Coupon Module

More customer loyalty with coupons Create action based coupons for your customers. With a click on Create coupon in the app maker you assign a name and how long this coupon is valid. You can also [...]

The Appointment Module

Request appointments directly via app: convenient and simple Via this module your customers can ask for possible free appointments. So you can also use it for your appointment booking. As already [...]

The Forms Module

Use the form function for various purposes The form module in the app maker contains different templates that you can use depending on the application, e.g. Book a table, Feedback or Individual [...]

The Website Module

Simply integrate your website into your created app With this module you paste the URL of your website into the app by copying it into the shown field. Your customers will be redirected from the [...]

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