Create an Android app without coding

Create an Android app online

Simply download it from the Google Play Store! The Android app is available on many smartphones – anytime and from anywhere. AppYourself’s app builder allows you to create your own Android app online without coding quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to AppYourself you don’t have to learn how to program Android Apps.

Create an Android app by using AppYourself
Besides creating an Android app you can also create an iPhone and web app.

The right solution for all platforms

The special thing about AppYourself is that you can create your own app simultaneously for all common smartphone platforms. Besides an Android app you can also create apps for the iOS system with AppYourself. You can also create a mobile website. You can access this web app easily and directly from your browser while on the move and can even use it in offline mode. This allows you to reach not only app users but also website visitors.

How to create an Android app without coding

In three simple steps you can create an android app online without coding. It can be personalized created with our Android app builder. Choose a design that suits your business, equip your Android app with appropriate modules and finally publish your app.

Choose a design

Specify required content

Publish your Android app

Many opportunities with the app builder: create an Android app online

All For Your Company

All necessary basic functions to support SMB companies in order to reach new customers, are available in our app builder. For each industry you will find suitable app functions and modules that you can use while you create an Android app online.

App Builder

The app builder is very popular for prototyping in order to deliver results quickly. After about 15 minutes basic app functions can be discussed with the customer. They run on the two large platforms: Android and iPhone. Get started right away and create your Android app online without coding!

Frequently asked questions about creating an Android app online

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us:

What programming skills do I need?

You don’t need any of them. Our Android app builder is written in Java, but you don’t need to know anything about coding.

How long will my app stay up to date?

Your app will always be compatible with new Android devices and versions. No time-consuming testing of the different Android derivatives is necessary. All this is carried out for you by our professional development team.

Can I choose my own background?

You can also easily upload your own image for the background image. Beyond that AppYourself offers from over 15 industries various picture collecting mains. Whether retail, building and living, health or culture and leisure: you will find several images of high photographic quality that you can use to create an Android app without coding.

Is it possible to have your own design?

Of course you do. You design your app according to your individual ideas. For example, you can upload your own image for an icon and your company logo as a logo. From a color spectrum, select colors for the title bar and for the main color. The colours can be set to light or dark as well as to subtle or intense. Five different navigation modes are also available if you create an Android app online without coding.

On which platforms does the app run?

The self-created app runs on all Android devices.

How much does such an app cost?

You can test the app for free. The Premium and Enterprise plans are available for creating a native Android app. Further information about the prices can be found here.

Create an Android app online and it runs on all Android devices

No matter on which smartphone the Android app is installed. With an app from our app builder, all common interfaces are supported. Your app will always be compatible with new Android devices and versions. And best of all, your app not only runs on Android smartphones, but also on iOS phones.

Android App development is costly!

Create an Android app without coding in a few minutes

Anyone who has ever developed an app will know that the work with the initial development of the app is far from over. Often the maintenance effort after publishing an Android app is underestimated. A good app should be regularly adapted and updated to the further development of the Android platform. With AppYourself all this is guaranteed and you can start using your Android app immediately.