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Create your android app with the AppYourself App Creator

Create your own Android app!

With our app platform, you can configure Android apps yourself without programming – saving time and money. Without the need for IT staff to develop your Android apps from scratch.

Non-binding and free app consultation

You’ll discover how to create your very own Android app – in just 15 minutes

  • No-obligation expert analysis of your own app idea
  • Presentation of suitable features and tips & tricks for app creation
  • How to get an Android app with the app builder – no programming skills required
  • Which marketing tools you can use for app marketing

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After the free consultation, you can immediately create your app without starting from scratch

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Meri Jomardyan

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Richard Bailey

Create your own Android app in just a few steps!

It’s easy to build your own Android apps with the Android app maker

Individual appcreation

Create An Android App After Your Own Imagination.

No Android programming

Build an Android App without IT knowledge!

Over 30 modules for your Android app

Over 30 modules for your Android app

Suitable modules for your individual use case

Submission service for Google Play

Simply get your Android app into Google’s Play Store

Intuitive CMS

Easily maintain and update your Android app yourself

CRM and messenger

Manage your users easily or reach out to them via messenger.

Push notifications

Reach your users directly on the smartphones

Marketing automation

Automated messages to the smartphone

Create Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps with AppYourself.

One provider for all platforms: Make Android apps yourself!

In addition to an Android app, you can also create apps for iOS devices (iPhones) with the AppYourself app creator. You can also create a mobile website with the app creator kit. As a progressive web app, you can reach your users via the mobile browser integrated in the smartphone – even in offline mode! Build once – deploy everywhere.

Create an Android App – Tailored to your Business

With AppYourself You Can Easily and Quickly Build Your Very Own Andorid App – No Programming Skills Required.

Develop app for Android

Making your own Android apps is child’s play with our app platform. You will find suitable app functions and modules for every industry that you can use for your Android apps.

Create An Android App

With the app maker you can quickly develop your Android apps. They even work not only on Android, but also on the iPhone without any extra effort! Experience how easy it is to create an Android app: try us out free of charge and without obligation!

FAQ Android App Creator


How much does an app like this cost?

You can test the app free of charge. Afterwards, you can choose between different packages with different services. So you can find exactly the right package for your specific situation! But no matter which package you decide to use, you pay significantly less than for an individually programmed Android app! You can find more information about our app packages in our price list.

What programming skills do I need?

Definitely none! Our app maker works like a homepage builder – but for apps!

So you can create an Android (and iOS) app without writing a single line of code! Practically anyone can do that! And if you do need help, our German and English-speaking support team is there for you on all channels!

Is it possible to have your own design?

Yes, with a few limitations. You can design your app according to your individual ideas. For example, you can upload your own image for an icon and your company logo as a logo.

On which platforms does the app run?

The app created with our app maker runs on all Android devices in the Android operating system.

But the app maker also provides you with an iOS app for Apple’s iPhones and a mobile app (a so-called progressive web app). So you create an Android app, but you also get two other technical versions in the plan!

Can I customise the images in the Android app?

In addition to the background image and start screen, you can also customise all other images, icons, logos, fonts and colours. This makes your app even more individual.

Why not also try cropped images or shapes? This will give your app design even more dynamism and a very individual touch!

How long will my app stay up to date?

Your app always remains technically up to date – we take care of that for you!

Content-wise, you are responsible for filling your app with exciting content and up-to-date information. You should also take a look at our marketing tools, which ensure proper interaction with your app users!

Programming your own Android App programmieren means High Expenses in Money and Time


Anyone who has ever developed an app will know that the work is far from done with the initial development of the app. The maintenance effort after the release of an Android app is often underestimated. A good app should be regularly adapted and updated to the further development of the Android platform.

This creates permanent considerable effort and thus high costs for individually programmed apps. When you create Android apps with AppYourself, you don’t have to worry about this. We make sure that your Android app is technically up-to-date at all times.

Develop an app for Android: Design an app once and be present on all smartphones

No matter on which smartphone the Android app is installed. Our app construction kit supports all common interfaces. Your app always remains compatible with new Android devices and versions. And best of all: Your app not only runs on Android smartphones, but also as an iPhone app.

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