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Depending on your previous knowledge, together we will find the right way to make your app idea a reality. Do we compile standard modules? Do we extend the modular system through customising? Do you need custom development? Let’s find out!

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  • Programming an app with 30+ standard modules
  • Maintain and update content yourself
  • Use marketing tools to promote your app
  • Tips & tricks from the app pro on what to look out for when creating an app

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After the no-obligation consultation, you can develop your app immediately without starting directly from scratch

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Meri Jomardyan

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To find out which approach suits you best, please choose one of the following options.


Programming an app without previous knowledge.

Developing an app without programming is possible: with the app platform you develop your app from standard modules. With the intuitive content management system, you simply maintain and update the app content yourself.



In-App registration via email and Facebook as well as protected area

App programmieren mit integriertem Push Nachrichten Service

Push notifications service

Easily and quickly send Push Notifications




Settle payment transactions instantly via the app

Create an App Quickly & Easily


Whether creating an Android or an iOS app – with AppYourself app maker you already have many features and marketing tools on board.

Nutzermanagement mit integriertem Messenger in der App Plattform

CRM & messenger

Easy customer management using the integrated messenger

Create an App Quickly & Easily

Whether you’re developing an Android app or programming an iOS app – with the app platform you already have many app features and marketing tools on board.


Nutzermanagement mit integriertem Messenger in der App Plattform

CRM & messenger

Easy customer management using the integrated messenger

App einreichen in den App Stores - automatisiert mit der App Plattform

App in App Stores

Your app is automatically published to the Apple and Google app stores



Maintain app content yourself with the Content Management System

App programmieren mit dem App Baukasten von AppYourself

30+ standard modules

Add over 30 ready-to-use modules to your app

App programmieren mit Push Nachrichten Service inklusive


Send messages based on the user profile

With the app builder you don’t have to start from scratch – you can create apps easily with just a few clicks.

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Develop your app with the standard modules and the intuitive app CMS.

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Discuss your app project with our experts and clarify any individual questions.

Create Your Own App – How does it work?


Developing your own app from scratch first confronts you with the question: for which platform should the app be programmed? For Android or iOS? Depending on which platform you choose, different programming languages are necessary. An Android app is programmed with Java and an iPhone app can be realized with Apple’s self-developed programming language Swift. So writing your own app for the iOS or Android system requires in-depth programming knowledge. That’s why we’re giving you three tips to make app development a success:

A few tips for your app

Tip #1
Depending on the system for which you want to programme your app, you should always have the corresponding smartphone to hand in order to test the app on it at any time.

Tip #2.
Start with small app programming projects. Piece by piece, you can improve your projects in order to combine them into a larger app at the end.

Tip #3
As a beginner, it’s best to start with a web app, with many standards available. Only then should you start developing on Android and iOS.

How does my app get into the App Stores?

For both stores, so-called developer accounts are necessary. With Apple, you still need to know that creating a developer account and programming the app only works via a Mac computer. Afterwards, users can search for their app in the stores and download and install it on their smartphone.

Android app development

To be able to develop an Android app, you need the following requirements:

Publish your app to the Google Play Store.
To publish your finished app in the Google Play Store, the following is necessary:

  • Apple developer account: Sign In
  • Costs: $99 (annual)
Develop iOS App

To programme an app in iOS, you need the following knowledge and tools:

  • Objective-C or Swift languages
  • Computer: Mac
  • Operating system: iOS
  • Development environment: Xcode – SDK: everything you need for it. Simply download!

Publish the app to the App Store.
When you are finished with your iOS app, you will need the following to submit the app to the App Store:


With the AppYourslef App Maker You Have A Headstart With Creating Your Own App!


Programming an app based on our existing app platform is quite straightforward and gets your app to market faster. With custom app development, we offer you even more opportunities to add your own features to your app.

Let us programme your app – Our agency services

You are thinking of an app for a specific use case? Depending on the complexity, we can implement your idea with our innovative app platform and build on it: we can implement simple projects directly with the app builder. We can also realize projects with selective requirements by customizing the building kit. Only very large app projects we develop individually based on the platform and with a free range of functions.

App cost calculator for your app project

When you have your app programmed, the costs can vary greatly depending on the scope and size of the app. With our internal app cost calculator, we can show you exactly what development costs to expect after jointly surveying the requirements.


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