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The alternative to your native app is to create a mobile website. Often also called Web App. This way you not only reach app users, but also website visitors who call up your homepage via smartphone. With us you can easily create a mobile website. In this way, the first customer contacts can be made quickly.

Mobile website creation with AppYourself for smartphone and desktop

The advantages of a mobile website and web app

Mobile website with app functions

Simple and fast creation

For all devices and operating systems

No download from an App Store

Access on the go

Turn website visitors into customers

Create web app with messenger

Creating a Web App: The Free Dance on the Mobile Web

Web App and mobile website differ slightly in one point: the Web App is primarily aimed at smartphone users who want to book appointments, reserve tables or simply chat while on the move. The advantage of both is obvious: they do not have to be submitted to an App Store and can be accessed at any time via the smartphone browser.

Mobile website creation: these are its advantages

The mobile website is primarily accessed via the smartphone. For this reason, it is specially optimized for the smaller smartphone displays, so that there are no problems in displaying the content. As a complement to your desktop website, it is ideal for displaying information about new offers and promotions compactly on your smartphone.

FAQ Mobile Website and Web Apps

How much does it cost to create a mobile website?

You can find our plans for a mobile website on our pricing page. All plans contain also a Progressive Web App and all business app features.

How do my users reach my mobile website?

Your mobile website is accessed through a mobile browser. Your users have immediate access to your offer and can inform themselves about your business.

What programming skills do I need?

None. With our app maker you create a mobile website without programming or technical knowledge.

Does my mobile website get an individual design?

Your mobile website will automatically get the design you have chosen. Whether logo or other pictorial material. From a wide range of colors, you can choose the appropriate colors for various components such as headlines.

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