Progressive Web App

The powerful app on the web

The Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the advantages of native apps and classic websites. Fast loading times and interactive app functions such as messenger or loyalty card offer a great user experience for website visitors and customers. And best of all: the PWA enables highest performance in offline mode.

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Advantages of an Progressive Web App

Simple and accessible from anywhere


No download required

Benefits from Web Traffic

Use in offline mode

Customer Profile and Messenger

Native vs. PWA: The way to app usage

The PWA is immediately ready to send appointments, reservations or short chat messages. Directly on the web and without detours via the App Store. Advantage for you: more potential customers, because the bounce rate of a web app is simply lower

Native App bouncerate user-Journey

Native App

Native Apps - Steps to App usage

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps - Steps to App usage

Installation of Progressive Web Apps

The PWA can be installed on the user’s device or simply accessed online via URL.

Installation of a Progressive Web App on an iPhone

Installation of a Progressive Web App on an Android device

Push Messages and Messenger

Send individual messages via chat and push message with the PWA

Send Push Messages with a Progressive Web App ´

Send offers, promotions and appointment reminders as push messages

Progressive Web App with Messenger and Chat-Function

Reach users directly via chat

Turn anonymous visitors into customers

The PWA with integrated customer management system and messenger

Customer Relationship Management with your Progressive Web App

Customer Management

Our smart Customer Management System records all visitors to your web app and their usage patterns – turn them into loyal customers with individual offers

Use the Messenger with your Progressive Web App


With the Messenger you can reach all Web App visitors and customers directly with a personal address – a simple and exclusive communication channel

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