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Create your own iPhone App

Create an iPhone app easily and without programming with AppYourself. Choose from over 30 modules in our App builder. No technical knowledge necessary.The iPhone App for rent.

Create iPhone App, without programming

Create an iPhone app in a few steps

With the app builder you can easily build your own iPhone apps

You choose a design that suits your company. You can easily insert your own logos and background images.

In the next step, you select from over 30 modules the ones you want to equip your app with. That’s how you find contact modules, a Facebook module or a media gallery. Videos can also be integrated into the app.

In the last step you publish your app. Our modules are all oriented to provide your customers with the best support and to enable them to acquire new customers. Our Facebook module, for example, is very good at recommendation marketing.

Create IOS App for all iPhones

Design app and use it on almost all iOS devices

In the end, your app will not only run on iOS devices, but also on Android and Windows Phone. Design the app once and run it on all iOS devices. It also guarantees that your app will always be compatible with new iPhone devices and versions. But it’s not just about making the iPhone app work on as many devices as possible. It is also important that the user receives concrete added value. Creating your own app using Appyourself’s modular system is the ideal way to create a high-quality product for customers at a reasonable price.

Endless possibilities of the app’s modules

All the basic functions required to support companies in customer support and customer acquisition are available in our app maker. As a small provider of ideas for what is possible with the app maker, ready-made plans for e.g. driving schools or restaurants have already been worked out. The app maker is very popular with developers for prototyping in order to be able to deliver results very quickly. After about 15 minutes, basic app functions can be discussed with the customer, running on all three major platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Beyond that AppYourself offers various templates from over 15 industries. Whether retail trade, automobile, building and living, or culture and leisure: you will find several images of high photographic quality. Why don’t you give it a try? Finally, you can try out your self-created app for as long as you like, free of charge and bindingly.

FAQ iPhone Apps

How much does such an app cost?

You can test the app for free. As soon as you want to publish the app, a plan must be booked. Prices start at 20€ per month, depending on the size.

Do I need an Apple PC?

No. You create your app comfortably in our app maker. We take care of the technology. That’s why you don’t need an Apple computer to develop iPhone apps with AppYourself.

Is it possible to have your own design?

Of course you do. You design your app according to your individual ideas. For example, you can upload your own image for an icon and your company logo as a logo. You can choose colors for the title bar and the main color from a color spectrum. The colours can be set to light or dark as well as to subtle or intense. Five types of navigation are also available.

What programming skills do I need?

None, You can use our iPhone App maker to create your app without any programming skills.

How long will my app stay up to date?

In a dynamic market environment with short innovation cycles, we ensure that your app remains compatible with new iPhone devices and versions. No time-consuming testing – all this is carried out for you by our professional development team.

On which platforms does the app run?

The self-created app runs on Android and iOS devices.

iPhone App Development

Save time and money with the modules

For an iPhone app to be successful, it must be convincing in terms of technology, content and appearance. Now, of course, not everyone can program for Apple iPhone apps. And that’s where AppYourself comes in: Companies that want their own iPhone app can offer their customers functions tailored exactly to their needs. The simple and uncomplicated design on the Internet saves you time and money.

Developing iPhone Apps on Windows

Usually you need Xcode to program an app for iOS. Xcode is an Apple development program that runs only under Apple’s own MacOS operating system. With AppYourself, however, you do not need this program. Design your own app in our App Maker without any programming.

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