Contact your customers directly with push notifications

push nachrichten direkt auf den smartphone senden

With push notifications, you can reach everyone who downloaded your app from the app store on their smartphone. Even when your app is not open, your customers will get the message on their screens – it looks similar to a sms. This makes push notifications an effective marketing tool to send news and offers directly to your customers.

Create app

How can you send push notifications to your customers?

In 3 steps to your own app with push notifications

Choose app design and layout 

Define your moduls from 30 possible examples

App order and sending the push notifications

Free delivery

You can send push notifications easily from your AppYourself Dashboard or from the AppYourself Connect App. In few seconds your customer will get the message on his screen on the smartphone. The delivery is free and unlimited.

Plan the delivery

Plan your push notifications for later on. Choose a date and time, when the message should be sent. You don’t have to send it manually.

Deep links

A deep link makes the connection between a push notification and a special content possible. When a user opens the push notification, he lands with the deep link directly on the content that you want to promote, e.g. your daily menu or the appointment booking.