The Success Story
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Business Boost with the

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Die Tischreservierung App von Fredrik - Erfolgreich mit AppYourself

Oliver Häfele has fulfilled a lifelong dream with his small lunch and breakfast café Fredrik. The cozy atmosphere of the café – a mixture of new and old – delights guests in the Luisenviertel

Oliver Häfele, Fredrik - Erfolgreich mit dem Business Boost von AppYourself

The table reservation app

AppYourself as a partner

“I wanted an app that I could create on my own and edit without help. With AppYourself, this is possible in the twinkling of an eye.”

App promotion

“The app was launched together with the opening of the café. I bet on it from the beginning and talked to our guests about it. I also promoted the app on our Facebook page.”

The Business Boost

Tischreservierung App für Gastronomie

“Our guests can only reserve a table with us via app. We do not use telephone, e-mail, Facebook or WhatsApp for this. With the app we are modern and keep up with the times.”

Gäste mit der digitalen Stempelkarte binden

“The loyalty card in the app is another approach for our guests to drop by again. Once they are convinced of the benefits, they are thrilled and use them.”

table reservations per week

Table reservation only by app possible

stamps collected

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