On Google Chrome 70, PWAs are enabled by default on the desktop

PWA sind unter Google Chrome 70 jetzt standardmäßig aktiviert

With the new version of the Google Chrome 70 browser, Progressive Web Apps for the desktop are now enabled by default. While PWAs were already available on your smartphone, Google has now taken the step for desktop users. Once you visit a website from your PC, it’s easy to find out whether it’s a PWA […]

iOS supports Progressive Web Apps from version 11.3?

iOS supports progressive web apps but with some limitations

iOS supports Progressive Web Apps: Fact or dream? iOS supports progressive web apps. Apple has now announced that PWAs will be running under the new iOS version 11.3. The Safari browser 11.1 included in this release now also supports Service Workers. These allow PWAs to run JavaScript in the background, even if they have not […]