Your own table reservation app makes your daily work easier

Search online for free tables: Your own table reservation app makes it possible

Many of your guests now use their mobile phones when booking an appointment or making a purchase. Make it easier for your guests to reserve a table in your restaurant, bar or café. With your own table reservation app! No matter where your guests are at the moment, they can quickly reserve a table. This will save your evening and simplify your working day.

Reservation app: Everything in one hand

Since the reservation is made directly via your app, your guests don’t have to search for your phone number first and then call you. As a result, the reservation process simply runs in the background. This has the advantage for you that you don’t have to be constantly reachable on the phone. New reservations are sent to your system via your own table reservation app and during this time your staff and you provide the guests with treats. You can either create your personal reservation form or combine your preferred online reservation system with your app, e.g. Resmio or OpenTable. With the app Fredrik – one of our customers – guests can quickly reserve a table in the small breakfast and lunch café. Nothing will change in your daily routine. The requests come into your system. You can then simply accept them or vote on them with your guests via chat, if this is necessary. So the online table reservation works all by itself.

Actions, events or discounts inspire your guests

You can also link offers with your own table reservation app. This will inspire your regular guests and further expand your customer loyalty. For example, you can also integrate a stamp card into your app. Fredrik for example offers his guests the 11th coffee for free. Furthermore Fredrik informs his guests about news directly in the app. So his guests have everything worth knowing in their hands and are up-to-date. No matter what you offer, you can run different actions on your table reservation app. In addition, you can keep your guests up to date at any time via chat messages and push notifications and send them individual offers.

You can find out how you can offer table reservations in your app on our support page.

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