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Helpful blog posts

We have provided some helpful tips and information for you as a reseller.

Do my customers need an app?

You will have asked yourself this question at some point. We get to the bottom of this question and explain which advantages an app has and how both you and your customers can benefit from an app.

Selling apps as a reseller

Apps are much too expensive!? You may have heard this statement from your customers before. We will get to the bottom of this statement and show you how you can sell apps to your customers at a reasonable price as a reseller.

Use marketing tools as a reseller

Reaching app users in a targeted, automated and still individual way? That’s not magic, it’s just our marketing tools. Find out how you can use them promisingly.

Creating entirely new use cases

As a technology provider, you operate an established industry software and a mobile application as an additional customer front-end could successfully supercharge your core product? Then we should talk to each other and work out possible use cases.

As a company of the Heise Group (with offerings such as or the computer magazine c’t), we focus on trust, reliability and a partnership at eye level. Therefore, we are happy to conclude a corresponding NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before we go deeper into the discussions.

Nothing off the shelf

An integration of the different systems will not work with the existing standard components alone. Therefore, as partners, we should agree exactly on the use cases to be mapped and sharpen the revenue model before one of the partners makes major investments.

The advantage here is that we are not tied to the standard modules or to existing processes and designs in the modular system at any point. In the end, anything is possible, as our development of the Hugendubel app, among others, has shown.

But the possibilities for contractual cooperation are as individual as the technical development. Whether you offer our product as an add-on for your solution in an internal marketplace, you market our app as your own additional component, or we appear as a joint product – the possibilities are numerous!

Nichts von der Stange – jederzeit individuelle Apps
Unterschiedliche Use Cases als Software Produkt

From sports clubs to table reservations

We already live different integration models with selected partners. The industry solutions are diverse – what they all have in common is the clear advantage for the end customer.

We are curious to know if we too can turn the world upside down a bit together to inspire customers and create integrated customer experiences!

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