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App CMS for your projects

Simply create and sell great apps for your customers. With the App-CMS we offer you a sophisticated tool for your customer projects.

5 reasons to become a reseller

Sell apps under your own brand & name

White label solution for your company

Create apps without IT knowledge

Expand your portfolio

Premium support from AppYourself

Get started as a reseller now!

For your start you will receive helpful additional information from us! You can see a selection of what you can expect here.

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Helpful blog posts

This way, you as a reseller are optimally positioned and prepared.

Do my customers need an app?

You will have asked yourself this question at some point. We get to the bottom of this question and explain which advantages an app has and how both you and your customers can benefit from an app.

Selling apps as a reseller

Apps are much too expensive!? You may have heard this statement from your customers before. We will get to the bottom of this statement and show you how you can sell apps to your customers at a reasonable price as a reseller.

Use marketing tools as a reseller

Reaching app users in a targeted, automated and still individual way? That’s not magic, it’s just our marketing tools. Find out how you can use them promisingly.

As a reseller, you expand your offer with mobile apps

In doing so, you distribute our platform under your own name and brand.

Mobile apps for your customers

As an established technology partner, we offer you as an agency or media consultant an online platform on which, with a little practice, you can develop mobile apps for your customers quickly and without much effort. Optimal for smaller agencies or freelancers!

The white label solution

As an agency, you use our App Maker – as a framework for app development, so to speak. Your customers do not get access to our infrastructure and in the end only get the finished app created by you.

Marketing tools for target group targeting

Numerous marketing tools are available to you for customer apps. With these, app users can be reached in a targeted, automated and, moreover, individual way.

Offer additional services

Through personal support, you develop further additional packages that are precisely tailored to the needs of your customers. These can be, for example, design and consulting services or the creation of content for your customers.

Free & without obligation

Consultation for resellers

You want to build customer apps with our white label solution? In 15 minutes you will learn how to become successful as a reseller!

Then arrange a consultation now, in which our expert for resellers will discuss your app idea with you personally and answer your open questions. Simple, fast and uncomplicated.

Meri Jomardyan - Customer Support & App-Expert