Get Your App Developed: 5 Reasons For The App Platform

Individual App Development: Can Be Costly, But Does Not Have To

The development of an app does not happen overnight – we all know that. Many questions must be clarified in advance. Which use case should the app serve? What functions and features does it need to do so? For which operating systems should the app be created? Should it be a native app in an App Store or a Progressive Web App? Depending on the scope and functionality of the app, the development period can increase dramatically and, of course, the costs. But with our app platform this does not have to be the case!

Create An App, But Not Always The Main Revenue Generator

That sounds like a strange statement at first. In conversations, a few companies told us that they tend to see their own app as a supporting tool for their marketing measures, e.g. customer loyalty, rather than as a means of increasing sales. The already successful core business of these companies is not completely turned upside down with an app, but it is enriched nevertheless. This is exactly where we come in. With our app platform we have specialized in giving these companies the opportunity to create and operate their own app.

5 Reasons For The App Platform

1) App features and functions already on board
The app platform already has many components that do not need to be developed first. These include user management to manage the app users, marketing and communication tools such as push messages, marketing automation and messenger.

2) Individual app development as focus
Individuality and differentiation from the competition are two important points when it comes to creating an app. The platform allows you to develop individual functions for a wide range of use cases. These customer wishes are implemented directly and added to the app platform. So

3) Combination of individual and mass development
What is special about the platform is that it offers individual app development based on a standardized and mass-market solution. Thus, it occupies the niche between an app construction kit system and app agencies.

4) Counterpart to high-priced offers from agencies
With individual app development, the platform is positioned as a counterpart to agencies. All components for the app do not have to be developed first, as is usually the case. Only the missing individual app feature must be planned and then implemented. This makes the app or PWA much more cost-effective to create and can therefore be marketed more quickly.

5) Simple administration and maintenance of the app
Well, you know how it is. The app is finished and after a few weeks you notice that some app content needs to be updated, e.g. because an event is coming up. Companies would then have to contact the provider again to have the desired changes implemented. With the platform this step is no longer necessary. Companies can easily make new content or updates themselves.

Is this app model something for you?

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