Digital customer card: customer loyalty simply via app

Die digitale Kundenkarte für noch mehr Kundenbindung via App

Digital loyalty card is now available for your app!

Customer cards are a dime a dozen! But most of them languish in the wallet or are simply forgotten! With the digital customer card, this can’t happen! It is on the user’s smartphone and always at hand! With great promotions – linked to the customer card and based on individual user behaviour – you can activate new customers and reactivate regular customers. You can easily add the new module to your app via the app maker.

Individual design for more identification

You can personalise the loyalty card according to your wishes. Your own colours, logos and user information can be displayed on the loyalty card. You can also promote current or limited offers directly on the card.

Advantage for you?
Your customers will identify even more with your company. Every time they look at their mobile phone, app users are reminded of the card and motivated to use it. Whether for the next purchase or for free participation in an event.

Benefits for your app users

The digital customer card offers – depending on its use – exclusive benefits for your app users. We have briefly listed some of these here. Be creative and think about which benefits you would like to offer your users.

Exclusive offers
Access changing offers and promotions easily via the customer card.

Loyalty programmes
As shopping vouchers, discounts on lunch or personal birthday gifts

Thank you promotions.
After registration, customers receive a thank you gift to be redeemed via the card

Limited promotions
Customers benefit from limited promotions with their personal loyalty card, e.g. free events

Always up-to-date
Customers are the first to know about new offers and promotions

Digital loyalty card and user profile go hand in hand

What’s special about the digital loyalty card? It can be linked to individual profile fields. This means that not only can user data be queried, but personalised actions can be implemented with them. On the one hand, this gives you the opportunity to address an individual user or to reach a specific customer segment.

What can this look like?
Users who have used the customer card 5 times receive a special offer (e.g. free participation in the next workshop) in addition to the existing benefits of the customer card. You can easily send this as a predefined message automatically via push message to the mobile phone of these users using the marketing automation (part of the marketing tools).

Questions about the digital customer card?

You are also welcome to book an appointment with our app experts by clarifying all your questions about the customer card. Free of charge and without obligation!



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