With your own Shopping App your customers simply buy directly in your App

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Shopping Experience with your own App

In 2018, shopping apps accounted for 70% of e-commerce transactions in North America. This proves that shopping apps are very popular with many users. You too can join this enthusiasm and offer your products and services in your own shopping app. It doesn’t matter whether you own a restaurant, hairdressing and beauty salon, pet supplies, delivery service or car rental. You can easily create your own app and integrate a shop via the app maker. So you can offer your customers a fast and direct shopping experience directly in your app.

Product videos ensure more user commitment

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Your customers have you as a shop on their smartphone and can also buy or order directly from you on the go. You can also provide further information with product videos. For example, you can create a video tutorial and explain how product A works or provide further information about the benefits for your customers. So you can not only explain products with videos in your shopping app, but also use them for your marketing activities. This will increase the interest of your customers and will also result in a higher user engagement.

Chat and push notifications as a marketing tool for your own shopping app

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Inform your customers about new products in your shopping app via chat and push notifications. This way they will always be kept up to date. This motivates them to visit your shop more often and make a purchase. You can also use the chat and push notifications to make individual offers to your customers and give them a discount on product A or product B, for example. Recommendations, which you store in your app, also help you to present interesting content to your customers again and again. You probably know this from other websites and platforms: “Customers also bought this product”. Your customers will be suggested other products that might be of interest to them and may also want to buy.

You want to create your own app online with our app maker? We are happy to support you. On our support page you will also find everything you need to know about the shop and how you can use it for your promising business.

Create your own Shopping App online now!

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