Your Restaurant App: Contactless Check In and Check Out via QR Code

Your Restaurant App helps you to offer a contactlessly check in and check out via QR Code

Record Guest Data Simply Contactlessly with Your Restaurant App

Taverns, restaurants, bars, cafés – during Corona, the entire catering industry must collect the contact details of their guests and keep them for a few weeks. The reason for this is to be able to trace a possible chain of infection. In most cases, the catering industry uses a list which is displayed in the restaurant or in front of the entrance. Visitors have to enter their contact details in this list. However, this raises two problems: the restaurants have to cope with a flood of slips of paper and the display of a list inevitably leads to data protection violations if the list is freely accessible to every visitor. The solution: your restaurant app with which reservations can be made contactless and online.

Check In and Check Out via Gastro App

Usually it is sufficient for guests to “check in” once with their contact details and the number of people in the restaurant. For a more precise allocation, guests can also “check out” when leaving the restaurant. Digital reservation forms, which are stored in your gastro app and are filled out in advance, help them to do this. A check in or check out in advance or directly at the restaurant can then be carried out without any problems.

Reservation using QR Codes

Restaurant owners can easily convert the online reservation forms into QR codes and print them on a piece of paper or place them elsewhere in/before the restaurant. Before entering the restaurant or directly at the table, visitors scan the first QR code with their mobile phone. The code leads to their reservation or check-in form. They leave their contact details and on leaving they scan a second QR code to “check out”.

Advantages of the Online Reservation

The advantages of online reservations are obvious: Guests can make their reservations or check in and check out contactlessly, in advance or directly on site. Both guests and employees are thus better protected. A further point is the compliance with data protection. Analogue paper lists contain personal data that should not be visible to everyone. It is hardly possible to prevent this if the list is laid out in a freely accessible way in the restaurant. With a reservation via QR code via your restaurant app, the protection of personal data is guaranteed. These are only accessible by the restaurant owner. In the event of an emergency, he can react and inform his guests within the relevant period.



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