Apple and AppYourself: Focus on App Quality

The Quality of Apps is an important aspect for Apple and AppYourself

Apple’s demands on quality and added value

At the end of last year, Apple stopped submitting apps to the App Store created using an online platform. The company cited its 4.2.6 policy, which was designed to address useless apps such as copycats and spam apps that had no added value, little functionality or interactivity. To cut a long story short, Apple couldn’t see any apparent quality in the apps. They weren’t allowed on the App Store. This was formulated rather vaguely on the part of Apple, so that even serious app building blocks suppliers, who always attached importance to the above-mentioned points, were faced with this regulation. For Apple, the focus is therefore only on high-quality apps as a product that can be distributed via the App Store.

Apple: Submission of template apps possible again

It was clear that the introduction of guideline 4.2.6 provided an important basis for SMEs to reach their customers via native app. After long protests, Apple rowed back and allowed to resubmit modular apps to the store – but in compliance with certain specifications:

  1. Apps must have sufficient interactivity and functionality
  2. Apps must have added value
  3. App owners need their own developer account

These three points briefly in overview and as an orientation for you:

Point 1
The app should be provided with enough content to make clear what the app can be used for. In addition to sufficient functionality, e. g. the possibility of table reservation or appointment booking, it is also important that users are encouraged to interact directly with the app. This includes, for example, the stamp card or the messenger.

Point 2
App users expect the app to provide the desired information quickly and easily. App, receive information or perform an action, for example, book an appointment and exit or close the app. The app should therefore let you see at a glance what you can do with it. Without having to search for it for a long time. A lot of text, which offers little added value, such as classically implemented on websites, is uninteresting for App user

Point 3
If you want to create an app using our platform, you need your own developer account to submit your app. However, it must be clearly recognizable that you are also the owner of the developer account. If there is no exact assignment, Apple will cause “problems”.

App creation with AppYourself

Since then, we at AppYourself have also been of the opinion that AppYourself has made it possible for app users to enjoy a multi-valued user experience and conform to Apple’s demands on the required quality of apps. It goes without saying that we want to offer all our customers the optimal solution for their company. For this reason, we have again included the creation of a native iOS app in our offer. Our Enterprise plan offers the possibility to create an app that can be published as progressive web app, Android app and iOS app. This makes sense for those of our customers who want to reach App users via push messages on an iPhone. Since this is not yet possible under iOS, a PWA is not an alternative to the native app. The Enterprise plan contains the customer management system, just like the other plans, through which customers can be easily managed and reached via messenger or push notification. This also includes our campaigns, with which individual messages can be sent automatically to a certain group of people. In addition, our Smart Widget offers the possibility to extend your own website with app functions, e. g. the chat function.

If you use our submission service, we reserve the right to reject apps before submitting them. By not meeting the relevant criteria of course. If this is the case, we will inform you in good time. We will give you helpful tips on how to comply with the Apples guidelines and the quality of your app. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.



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