Internal linking in the app: simply connect modules

Internal linking in your app: recipes as a link

Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are a master baker and reach a small but fine customer base with your app or PWA. They use your app regularly to get the latest cake recipes and bake them at home. You also offer them to buy the necessary ingredients directly from your app. You know that your long-time customer Max is a real cake lover and is always on fire with every new recipe. But he doesn’t want to click around for a long time, swipe and type. And that’s where you come in: you simply set an internal linking – called deeplinks – between the two modules that are involved. In this case recipes and shop. If he calls up the recipe cherry pie, he can immediately buy the required quantity of cherries in your shop by clicking on this ingredient (red mark on the first screenshot). He doesn’t lose any valuable time, is happy and can indulge in his hobby: baking cakes. What is the advantage for you? Max won’t leave your app or PWA unnerved, because he won’t find the information he wants right away. As you serve it directly on a baking sheet, you offer it the appropriate added value and the necessary usability. So this means for you: he will come back and use your app even more than before.

Send recipes directly via chat

The internal linking between two modules is not everything. You can also use LiveChat and Messenger to send a link: Max is on your website right now and tells you that he was so taken with your new strawberry pie during his last visit. He would like to have the recipe to try it on himself. Since you added it to your app five minutes ago, it’s a good idea to share it directly with Max via chat. Unless it’s a secret family recipe? . But not only Max is totally thrilled. Suddenly Mark, Jenny and Miriam report and want to have the recipe as well. In this case, simply set up a suitable marketing automation by using campaigns and forward the recipe link to the three of you.

The internal linking directly inside of a chat message

The internal linking using for the marketing automation

Applicable in any industry

Whether you are a master baker, restaurant owner or hairdresser. It goes without saying that you can use internal links or deeplinks across all industries and thus provide your customers or app users with valuable information. You’re probably wondering how exactly that works? No problem, just have a look at our support pages in the category Features. There you will find a small guide on how to proceed.



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