Creative push notifications increase interaction with customers

Creative push notifications for more success online

Be creative – Push notifications get you closer to your customers

To appear directly on the mobile phones of your customers is one of the best things you can do to improve your app marketing. You can easily increase your customer loyalty using push notifications. It will help you to maintain a flow of communication between you and your customers. The notifications are a helpful tool to inform your customers about news and events. Therefore, it is essential to be creative when writing push notifications. The more creative they are, the more your customers will appreciate them. You can also add some emojis to your messages in order to appear more fresh, young and hip. Don’t forget there is a limited number of characters you can use for your short messages. For an iPhone 6s/6s Plus e.g. you can use only 156 characters. Be aware of how many characters will be left out – depending on which smartphone your customer uses. The number of characters displayed in a push notification goes from 37 up to 156 characters.

Creative push notifications – it’s time to get personal

You can arrange the push notifications in a personalised way to make sure they are fitted for your customer’s needs. Here is a little scenario for you to show you the immense effect of these messages:
Your customers buy a product or make a reservation at your restaurant. You have immediately the opportunity to make a reference to their actions. You thank them for their purchase or the booking and inform them that everything will be sealed and delivered. Your customers will be pleased if you answer them with a funny and personalised push notifications – just add some emojis. You reach them on a very personal level which shows that their needs are important to you.

As for personalised approach to push notifications, companies like Pushwoosh offer advanced segmentation features for you to precisely target your audience. Want to address only German-speaking consumers or those who spent more than $1200 making in-app purchases last month? Use Tags and Filters to build custom segments and send relevant messages that will find their users in the right place, at the right time. You can also add some emojis to your messages in order to appear more fresh, young and hip. iOS 10 rich push notifications release made it possible to build creative and personalised push campaigns using native tools. Don’t forget there is a limited number of characters you can use for your short messages. Advanced push segmentation tools like geo-targeting are available for AppYourself customers as a premium add-on, in partnership with Pushwoosh.

Great looking and effective push notifications

On the internet you can find a variety of creative push notifications. Maybe you’ll find some ideas that you can use once you create your own app with the AppYourself’s app builder. Here are some really great examples for reaching out to your customers:

Amazon presents their customers a push notification in a typical Star Wars manner. It informs them that the new Star Wars Blu-Ray is on its way. A nice idea to approach the customers – referring to their hobby.

Kreative Push Nachrichten von Amazon

In comparison, Delectable uses funny push notifications to recommend their products and services. In this case, the message is directed to wine lovers who might be curious about the type of wine consumed at the White House.

Kreative Push Nachricht von Delectable

Royals & Rice created an app with the app builder from AppYourself and informs their guests with push notifications about new events or dishes. Royals & Rice uses a combination of both funny and appealing push notifications to make their business present and attractive, bringing their customers always back to the restaurant.

Kreative Push Nachrichten vom Restaurant Royals & Rice direkt auf das Smartphone

You can easily address your customers with push notifications. Just use your imagination. Your customers will relate to the messages and will be inclined to get new messages from you. Don’t forget: create an app online, integrate suitable modules and make sure your communication is always diversified. It will improve your app marketing. Be creative and increase your customer loyalty.

The examples above from Amazon and Delectable were originally mentioned in a blog post from Leanplum. You can find more inspiration in their article The 7 Most Creative Push Notifications We’ve Ever Seen.



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