Your Barber App – schedule outages “goodbye”

Appointment noted, but nobody is there?

You might know it too: Your calendar announces the next customer – to dye hair. You already prepared everything you need for this job. But he makes you wait. A few minutes later, you realize, that your customer forgot about the date. But you can do something against it – with your own barber app you are able to avoid this problem.

Barber app: event reminder, which promises success

You are able to send a personal message via your barber app to remind your customer about the upcoming event or appointment. On this way your customer will notice, that it is an individual message and he will feel directly addressed. Your customer gets the message immediately at his smartphone and will notice: “Oh right! Today was something!” You hit several birds with one stone: Your customer arrives at your shop in time, you can work more efficient without interruptions so revenue losses and schedule outages are now a thing of the past.Your barber app and push notifcations in order to send a reminder

Offers and promotions by chat

Next to the mandatory event reminder your barber app got many more advantages. You know, that Claudia likes to dye her hair in red? So why don’t you ask her to come over today via the chat-function? Therefore you just send her a message from your app dashboard, from where you are able to control your customer management at any time. As a small incentive you could let her know about a free-shampoo campaign. On this way you motivate her to come over more frequently to your shop to get styled. The more often she visits your shop, the better the customer loyalty will be. You can see how that might look in the following screenshots: the left one shows your conversation in your app dashboard and the right one visualizes the chat history which Claudia can see in the app.

Chat-function of your barber app to send offers  Barber App and the chat history inside the app

Do you have questions to your own barber app?

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