The digital members club: Custom App Development for Gastrag AG

The digital members club as a custom app development

Gastrag AG, headquartered in Switzerland, owns several restaurants and pubs. Two of them are the American restaurant Papa Joe’s and the pub Mr. Pickwick. For both Papa Joe’s and Mr. Pickwick, guests can register in a member club and receive individual offers, e.g. discounts on visits. In order to keep up with the times and to meet the needs of the guests, Gastrag AG had AppYourself implement an individual solution – the digital members club.

The digital members club with wallet apps

The highlight: the digital members club is connected with a wallet card. Guests can save this card in the Wallet apps under iOS and Android. The membership card has also been combined with a Progressive Web App (PWA). This gives registered members access to individual offers tailored to their profile. These can be vouchers or discounts after the successful redemption of the digital stamp card in the restaurant or pub.

“We have a digital club membership by means of a passport that is stored in the customer’s wallet app. The simultaneous integration of a web-based app in the wallet is also unique and offers members additional added value, e.g. coupons or stamp cards.” – Daniel Isaak, Gastrag AG, Basel, Switzerland

The digital members club is popular with the guests

The guests of Papa Joe’s and Mr. Pickwick are enthusiastic about the new members club. They especially appreciate that it is “simple and straight forward”. So they are quickly registered in the club and have immediate access to the PWA. Gastrag AG sees this as an ideal communication channel to its guests, e.g. per push notifications, in order to disseminate corresponding offers or the current club Newsletter. With the former members club, where the badge was available as a plastic card, this was not possible in this form. The digital members club is also easier to measure, so that the success of this type of mobile marketing can be quickly analysed and evaluated.

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