With your DJ app you are even closer to your fans

With your own DJ app you can be booked for events

Your own DJ app for more popularity in the scene

As a DJ you need to glide from one gig to the next. So that your own music becomes better known after every new gig and you are lucky enough to be booked for more events. To make this easier for you and to make yourself and your music better known, you can create your own DJ app. In combination with your already existing website or other promotion tools like flyers and posters you have a successful overall concept to reach your fans and potential clients.

All your works and performances in one place

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You can easily integrate all your created works, mixtapes and playlists into your own DJ app, simply via iFrame. For further infomation check out our knowledge base. This way you can keep your fans up to date and you can for example send them a push notification telling them that you have uploaded a new track to your music app. In addition, you are even closer to your fans via app. For example, you can inform them about an upcoming gig at any time via automated but individual chat messages. Or you can quickly send them a reminder so they don’t miss their gig tomorrow. This individual and personal approach leads to a much closer contact than is the case, for example, via ordinary music streaming services. There you usually upload your songs, but the direct contact to your fans stays off.

Merchandise or bookings for further events

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Besides information about upcoming events and your music pieces, you can also offer and sell merchandise via your own DJ app in a shop. Or you can give people the opportunity to book you for other events. Just leave a booking form in your app and you’re ready to go! How you design your own DJ app and what you want to show in your app is of course up to you.

Create your own DJ app

Feel like having your own DJ app? If you have any questions about our features and functions, you can always contact our support. You are also welcome to get started immediately and get familiar with our app maker.

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