Your individual app development with AppYourself

Your own app doesn’t have to be expensive

The costs for a complete app development can vary greatly – depending on the functionality and scope of the app. But not infrequently you can also expect costs of 20,000 to 50,000 euros. We at AppYourself offer individual app development as a cost-effective alternative for you and your company.

Individual app development: that awaits you!

We create the app for you according to your ideas and wishes. So to speak an individual app development exactly made to measure! The app contains all features of our app platform, e.g. customer management system, messenger or marketing automation. We simply develop your individual function on top of the app. This gives you several advantages at once:

Faster time-to-market compared to other providers
Compared to agencies or software houses, our individual app development has a decisive advantage: the time factor! After all, we don’t have to start from scratch, since our app platform already includes all the necessary components. Thus your app is ready faster and can be launched on the market. On average, we need one to three months – including consulting, conception, planning and implementation. A common app development can often take up to one year.

Big cost advantage of up to 50 percent
Since we only have to develop your individual function, your budget is much more manageable than with other providers.

Simple process and handling
You simply come to us with your idea and we refine it until you have a coherent concept. We will do most of the work for you. For you this means immense time savings and less effort. In addition, we always keep you up to date about your app project.

Low care and maintenance costs
If you want to change something in your app, this is possible at any time. In addition, we make sure that your app is always up to date. This means that you don’t have to worry about maintenance, because we take care of that for you. High bills for small changes or updates do not exist with us.

Realized projects and satisfied customers

With the digital bathroom magazine, an individually developed product catalogue for Duravit, customers can be informed about new products. Gastrag AG had their member club digitized by us and provided with a wallet card for iOS and Android. The sports network Samforcity decided to offer their membership card as a digital solution directly in their app.

Are you interested in an individual app development? We will be happy to help you implement your idea!

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