Messenger App: Modern way to communicate with your customers

A messenger apps changes the way we communication to our customers

Messenger App changes the way we communicate

Thanks to the Internet, the way we communicate with each other has changed immensely. We simply share photos or videos using a messenger app. In addition, we’re connected to friends and family anytime, anywhere. We don’t just communicate by text, we send emojis, memes or GIFs to underline a particular situation. So not only the “how” but also the “what” we communicate via this channel has changed. This phenomenon can be observed not only in the private sphere, but also between companies and their customers. To what extent a messenger app or services can be used for you and your business, if you want to have your own app developed and why they are so important for your customer communication, we’ll take a look now.

Reasons for contacting us via Messenger

In 2018, Facebook announced that users surveyed would use a messenger in the future to ask customer support questions (over 70% of respondents). Similarly, more than 59% of users said that messaging will be the basis for shopping and that communicating through a messenger will create a much better customer experience (more than 68%).

Meeting customer expectations with corporate chat

According to a Facebook study from 2018, 80% of adults use a messenger app every day for private purposes and expect this type of communication even when they want to contact companies. New expectations for customer communication have evolved, especially in terms of response times to questions and the level of difficulty of communication. These are:

  • Messenger app or services should be easy to use
  • Faster communication than via e-mail or telephone
  • Chat anytime and anywhere – even when you’re on the go
  • Effective communication with companies
  • Messaging is fun (e.g. sending emojis or GIFs)
  • Reliable contact than by phone or e-mail

Messengers have a successful effect on your business

So why not live up to these expectations and implement a messenger? Whether you want to implement it directly on your website or if you want to create your own app with the AppYourself app maker that includes a messenger feature, is up to you. There are three main reasons why such a tool is interesting for you:

  • Chat messages are shorter than e-mails
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Messengers allow the use of chatbots

Chat messages can be answered much easier and faster. E-mails, on the other hand, can often take a few days to reply. Chat bots simplify communication, especially on the company side – even outside business hours. Messenger messages also show asynchronous communication behavior. This means that you and your customers can view conversation content at any time because it is automatically stored in the chat history. An ordinary telephone call, on the other hand, does not record the conversation between the company and the customer. If, for example, a user asks for a specific function, the chatbot can send him appropriate information (support articles, blog posts or landing pages).

What can messenger apps or service be used for?

You can use a messenger or the chat function for different purposes. We have compiled a selection of these for you below:

Offers and coupons
A Messenger app makes it easy to forward offers or discounts, which can also be personalized. Depending on the usage behaviour in your app or on your website, you send your customer a suitable voucher for an upcoming action, e.g. a marketing campaign.

Tracking (e.g. of packages)
Your customers can easily be kept up to date on the status of their order via chat. This can either be done directly on request or automatically.

Click & Collect
Customers can order something via the app or website. Your goods will be delivered immediately to a local shop in your area. Once the package has arrived, your customer can be informed via chat message to pick it up there personally.

Complaint management
Problems or even complaints can also be recorded and processed using the Messenger. Your customers can send photos or screenshots and thus prove that their goods are damaged or express their dissatisfaction with a service.

Returns of products
The wrong product was sent? No problem, this can be immediately noted via chat and the return process can be accelerated. For both parties (company and customer) this means an immense time saving.

Messenger for your business?

A messenger is indispensable for today’s customer communication. As in private life, customers want immediate help – no matter what their concerns are. Messenger is the perfect answer. The messenger’s ability to respond quickly to these requests also tells your customers that their needs and time are considered valuable by you. The better off they feel, the more loyal they become.




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