How A Push Notification Optimizes Your Marketing Strategy

Sending a push notification for different branches

How a push notification boosts your business

A Push notification – the small message that appears on your smartphone to tempt users to take a particular action – is a great tool for reaching customers and potential customers. It is also much less expensive than campaigns or promotions on social media. Nowadays, companies have to invest a lot of money in order to achieve successful conversions with an advertisement. Or, if we take a look at email marketing, companies will find that opening rates are often very low. This makes it all the more difficult to address your customers. A push notification, on the other hand, reaches customers everywhere and at any time. How and for what purpose companies use push notifications efficiently for their marketing strategy you will now learn:

What can a push notification be used for?

Push notifications can be used for a variety of purposes, goals and industries. And if they’re original and creative, they delight customers and encourage them to do more. The notifications also appear on the lock screen or when users have not opened the app. This allows companies to recall and be noticed by users time and time again. Unlike an e-mail – which is often forgotten.

Goals and purposes

  • Infos on new products or features
  • Infos on existing features (which customers may have overlooked or simply don’t know)Changing offers and promotions (summer sale, holidays etc.)
  • News that go beyond the company, but are still appropriate (“Did you know that today is World Bartender Day? Celebrate with us and come by – a free beer is waiting for you!”)

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As a restaurant app you can send your weekly changing menu to your guests. In the beauty area a hairdresser can send out a free appointment as a push notification with his appointment booking app and thus reduce the possibility of a missed appointment. For example, a doctor can remind his patients that the vaccination pass must be brought along for an upcoming vaccination. There are no limits to how companies can set up communication – it should only make sense!

How push notifications should best be used

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The How is really crucial here. It is not an advantage to simply send a push notification and hope that one or the other user will read it and be tempted to take a certain action. Companies should always ask themselves, what do I want to achieve with the push notification? What added value does this little information offer my user? What should he do in the end? For this purpose, the above mentioned goals and purposes offer a small orientation. And above all, the right time should be chosen. Even if users are non-stop online, nobody wants to be woken up by a push notification at 3 o’clock at night. Companies should first check at which times their users are using the app – i.e. when they are most active. Helpful statistics on the use of the app provide information here. Users can, for example, also be addressed individually based on their usage behavior. Max has already collected eight stamps at his favourite café. Why not motivate him to come back and collect his two open stamps and redeem the stamp card?

What companies can achieve with push notifications

Push notifications creates an ideal starting point for identifying the most valuable customers. Users can decide for themselves whether they want to receive push notifications or not. Companies can therefore reach this customer base explicitly for various different occasions. This not only makes the company noticeable on the customer’s smartphone, but also ensures a better customer relationship. You can also use our app maker to create push notifications via your own app and send them to your customers and guests.



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