Smart Widget: your own website as an app

Smart Widget: your own website as an app

A company already has a website and would like to make loyal customers from anonymous site visitors? No problem, with the Smart Widget from AppYourself, smartphone users are automatically redirected to the apps – whether native or Progressive Web App. Simplified: the apps are integrated into their own web presence. All modules and known functions like camera and push messages can be called and used. Companies can now attract visitors who visit the website via their smartphone quickly as an app user. In addition, the Smart Widget is characterized by an additional feature: Companies can integrate a messenger on their website to chat directly to people on the desktop site via chat messages.

The smart widget of AppYourself

Insert Smart Widget into the site

With few clicks it can be integrated into the website. It is to be found in the AppYourself Dashboard under Promo > Smart Website. By clicking Details, you can select whether smartphone users are forwarded to the app and / or the chat widget should be inserted into the desktop site. Integrating the chat widget into the desktop website also allows a primary color, which matches with the corporate design of the company for example. The JavaScript code is then copied and inserted into the <head>-section of the website. For possible changes (e.g., disabling the messenger), the code need not be inserted into the site again. This setting is automatically applied.

How you can integrate the smart widget inside your website

Reach everyone with it

Companies are supported by the SmartWidgets not only to reach a certain user group, but to all users alike. Whether desktop, smartphone or tablet users – anyone interested can call the company website via their favorite device and experience a flowing usage behavior, which looks and feels like an app. More traffic and a higher range are achieved by the integration. Well known customer loyalty measures such as the digital stamp card can be used to make visitors to loyal customers.

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