The user limit: meaning for your app plans

The user limit for all app plans

The three plans Smart, Business and Enterprise have another component: the user limit. Each of these plans has a different number of active users. For a better overview we present the plans again:

Maximum number of active users per package
Smart: up to 2,000 active users
Business: up to 2,000 active users
Business+: up to 2,000 active users
Enterprise: unlimited* active users

What is the difference between active and inactive users at the user limit?

Since one or the other asked the question of what active and inactive users are, let us briefly explain the difference between these two types:

Active users
Active users are users who have been activated in the customer management system and who can be contacted via chat and push messages and edited via the user list. You also have access to the respective user behavior in order to send your users individual offers and actions via the App.

Inactive users
These are users who have exceeded the selected user limit or have been deactivated. For example, if you have booked the Smart plan with 2,000 users, the 2001st user will automatically be an inactive user. Although it appears in the user list, it can use your app with all modules, but it will not be addressed by you via chat and push notifications. However, under Promote > Push Notifications, it is also possible to reach inactive users.

Plans from an older portfolio may have included less activatable users. If you have an old plan and need more users for your app, feel free to contact our support.

User limit displayed in the status section

The user limit and customization in the app dashboard

The AppYourself Dashboard has changed a bit externally. In the section status a loading bar appears, if 80 % of the user limit has already been reached. This will immediately tell you how many users are in your PWA or native app. Under the section Manage > Users, this is also displayed with an indication of a package change as soon as 80 % of the limit has been reached. The user list shows all active and inactive users who use your PWA or app. Active users are shown with a green dot next to their name. Inactive users have an orange dot. You can deactivate active users at any time. For your own safety and to prevent you from deactivating all app users at once, we have set it so that you can only deactivate users via the respective user profile. By clicking on the standby icon (left below the username) the user is deactivated. He can be reactivated via the user list.

user limit and the user list

More information
Click here if you would like to know the difference between a user and a visitor of your Progressive Web App and native app.

*According to our Fair User Policy, the Enterprise plan contains 50,000 active users. If you need more users, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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