Hungry guests? They can place orders via your own delivery app

Sending promotions as push notifications via your delivery service app

Pizza, burger or sushi?

Many people ask themselves this question when it comes to food. You’re hungry, but you don’t have time or desire to cook. So, you order your favorite food and that’s where you come in! Offer your menu and your service simply via your own delivery app. So you are always represented with your guests on their mobile phones. At the same time you can display your business online and reach your regular customers as well as new guests.

The advantages of your own delivery app

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You own a small pizzeria in the city centre and have decided on your delivery service app. Your guests can order quickly, easily and comfortably from home or directly from on the way. They can decide whether they want to buy your pizza in a standard 26cm size or as a jumbo pizza with extra cheese. Different sizes and extra ingredients make ordering from you even more interesting. The same applies to the drinks on your menu. By ordering by app you also avoid possible misunderstandings, which can occur e.g. on the phone during an order. With your app you can be on the safe side that your guests get exactly what they ordered. If you are currently using an external service that processes incoming orders, you will usually have to pay additional fees. This is not necessary with your own app, because you have everything in your own system.

Stamp card, push and chat messages for more customer loyalty

[mk_image src=”” image_width=”344″ image_height=”414″ lightbox=”true” align=”center”]But your delivery app can do much more. Combine it with the digital stamp card. So you give your guests an incentive to order several times via your app. Then you can offer them the 6th pizza for free or at half price. With the stamp card you can effectively strengthen your customer loyalty and create always changing offers. Simply inform your guests via push notifications and chat messages about these new actions and connect them with the stamp card or your delivery service. You will see, your guests will be enthusiastic and likely to order more often from you.

For more information about the delivery app you can also check our support articles about the shop module.

You also want to create your own delivery app?

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