Customer loyalty for your restaurant

Digital stamp card

The digital stamp card in our gastro package

Even in times of crisis you can increase customer loyalty

The digital time card – as part of our gastro app – is a practical tool to further increase customer loyalty to your regular guests. Through Corona, we have learned how important it is to attract and retain your guests The best way to do this is via your smartphone, which you can use to offer attractive promotions for your guests.

App in your design

Digital stamp card

Promo with push messages

For iOS and Android

Customisable at any time

Paper cards are a thing of the past now

Never lose it again, always with you!

Compared to the printed one, the digital stamp card has a decisive advantage: as part of the app, it will never get lost again. Your guests collect their stamps directly via the app and redeem their full cards via it. In addition, you also do something good for the environment and save further costs, as you no longer have to have cards printed.

Stempelkarte Mahlmek app
Mit Push Nachrichten die digitale Stempelkarte promoten

Offers via push messages

Coffee for free or a discount on a very special offer? Share it with your guests!

People are collectors and love rewards! Incentivise them to visit you more often, complete their digital stamp card and send them cool and varied promotions simply via push message.

Individual customer loyalty is also possible

The personal app profile provides information

You can not only send special stamp card offers to all guests, but also reach a guest personally. The app profile of your guest helps you to do this. With this you can see how they have used your app and which individual offers you can send them.

Die digitale Stempelkarte eignet sich auch für personalisierte Angebote
Digitale Stempelkarte lässt sich mit der Speisekarte verbinden

Can be combined with the menu

Reward your guests for the number of orders they place with you.

Simply connect your digital stamp card with the digital menu. Your guests order from you and can receive a stamp from you for each order they make. Once your guests have collected all their stamps, you can reward them with a special offer.

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