Communication In The Home Office: Be There For Your Customers From Home

Communication while doing Home Office via push notifications and chat messages

Keep Customers And Employees Informed Currently, many companies have closed their doors and managers and employees are working from home – a reaction to the spreading coronavirus. Thanks to video conferencing and other forms of remote communication, it is possible to keep up the daily work routine and to provide both employees and customers with up-to-date […]

Push-Notifications: 10 Tips To Help You Reach Your Customers

Using push-notifications in order to reach customers properly

The Right Use Is What Counts! Push notifications are a popular communication tool to keep customers up to date. Be it to remind moviegoers of the upcoming show or to send the hot breaking news as push notification to their mobile phones. The possible uses for these messages are almost endless. And this is the […]

How A Push Notification Optimizes Your Marketing Strategy

Sending a push notification for different branches

How a push notification boosts your business A Push notification – the small message that appears on your smartphone to tempt users to take a particular action – is a great tool for reaching customers and potential customers. It is also much less expensive than campaigns or promotions on social media. Nowadays, companies have to […]

Your coupon app for more success on all mobile operating systems

Su aplicación de vales para una mayor fidelización de sus clientes

A coupon app inspires your customers and guests Offers, discounts, coupons – as soon as we see something like this in a supermarket, café or in the beauty and wellness salon, our eyes light up and our inner reward system is beating. You too can sweeten your customers’ and guests’ stay with vouchers. With your […]

Your smart website for more customers and more success online

Turn your website into a smart website

Turn your website into a smart and interactive experience for your website visitors. Our Smart Widget offers you just that! This way you can quickly win loyal customers from anonymous visitors and are even more successful online. You can chat with them and at the same time send them individual offers and promotions via your […]

Creative push notifications increase interaction with customers

Creative push notifications for more success online

Be creative – Push notifications get you closer to your customers To appear directly on the mobile phones of your customers is one of the best things you can do to improve your app marketing. You can easily increase your customer loyalty using push notifications. It will help you to maintain a flow of communication […]