Employee App: The Company Intranet Becomes a Mobile App

Employee App is good tool to connect companies and their employees

Employee App: Internal Communication in Change

Internal communication within companies is an essential component of a value-oriented and open corporate culture. Many companies use an intranet for this purpose. Often, however, it is only accessible via desktop and less mobile. This is set to change with the advancing digitalization. The solution to this is to prepare the intranet as an employee app and make it available.

Intranet Becomes an Employee App

The intranet is the point of contact for employees when it comes to information, news and access to important documents. But not all employees can access it at all times, e.g. employees in the field or in production. An employee app helps to circumvent this problem. In addition, the intranet as an app offers several advantages:

  • Simplification of work and organizational processes
  • Time and location independent access
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Employee motivation through transparency
  • “Social Intranet” for mutual exchange

Employee App: More Than Just Information

Information can be disseminated in many different forms via an employee app or stored in it. This can be internal employee information, employee magazines, safety instructions or company guidelines. But providing such information is not everything. Employee apps also have a social component. Employees can contact each other via Messenger and exchange formal and informal information. Similar to a social network, messages can be forwarded and employees can be kept up to date with push messages.

Encourage Collaboration

In addition, the app can be used to promote and stimulate cooperation both within a department and across departments. This is done by means of internal areas that can be set up specifically for certain employee segments. This way, employees can work together on projects and communicate their status quo at any time. Such an app can also be connected to external systems, e.g. tools for vacation planning.

Go With The Times

By implementing an internal employee app, companies are moving with the times. They use a communication channel that most employees are familiar with. Almost everyone has a smartphone with a certain number of apps that are used daily. Social media, messaging or news apps – an employee app combines these aspects. Articles, news and information can be sent and distributed throughout the company. Whether national or international companies – an app is a mobile, digital and also social support for employees and their work processes.

Employee App for you too?

You need an internal employee area for your company? We can support you with our App Platform. With our custom app development we can create such a module for you.



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