Push and pull marketing: so you can use both for your business

Push marketing and pull marketing strategies for your business

Push marketing or pull marketing: what is it?

Both (push marketing and pull marketing) are marketing strategies that you can use for your business and your app. Both pursue different approaches and goals.

Push Marketing

In push marketing, you try to push a product directly to your customers – to draw attention to them. Your customers won’t know anything about it or have not yet had the idea to search for exactly this product or service. So your products should reach your customers in different ways and thus become more visible. This is where social media activities, e-mail marketing or sales or free samples are used directly at the point of sale – in your business.

Pull Marketing

Pull marketing, on the other hand, tries to lure its existing customers with appropriate offers or to draw attention to new features or functions of the product. According to the motto:

“Targeting the right customers at the right time.”

So all you have to do is convince your customers to shop with you again or to make use of another service. Here, the primary goal is a long-lasting customer relationship and loyalty. With the strategies of pull marketing your customers should come to you or return again.

Want an example?

Push marketing

You have added the latest mobile phone to your online shop and would like to make it more popular. For this you use advertisements, posters, banners, your social media accounts or whatever you can think of. With this you try to push this mobile phone with potential customers and to make further well-known. In this context you also mention how this mobile phone differs from others (e.g. by an innovative function) and which need is fulfilled thereby.

Pull marketing

Imagine you have created your own app and use it as an online shop. Your customers can use your app to find and buy their desired products and services. So you send push and chat notifications or newsletters to your customers to draw their attention. Some of your customers will do the following: they look at your communication, inform themselves about your offers, so that they make the right decision at the end. So they become active on their own, let you pull them to your shop, so that they then buy their desired product from you.

How can you use this now for your own app?

Of course you can also use push and pull marketing strategies for your app in general.

Push for your own app

You will have promoted your app before creating it and told your fans/followers or potential new customers that your app will be released soon. As soon as your app is released, you will continue the promotion. You can find out how to do this in this article. Let’s summarize: the promotion of your app is a typical push marketing action.

Pull for your own app

You have given your app a new update and released a new app function. A feature that all your customers have been wanting for a long time. You will communicate this feature via push message and get your customers to open your app again and find out what’s new. You can also support this with an email campaign. In this campaign you explain e.g. which advantages the new function has and how it will help your customers from now on.

Depending on what and how you want to promote something, you can use push marketing strategies as well as pull marketing strategies. It’s best to use both to win new customers and keep your existing ones.



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