Success Story: Forbes PWA puts users into focus

The success of the Forbes PWA

The Forbes PWA for a better user expirience
The well-known business magazine Forbes, like Trivago (see our blog post Success Story: Trivago relies on Progressive Web Apps), has decided to make a PWA available to its users. It is no longer about throwing content into the ether and hoping that someone will read it. The focus is on the user, who consumes information and news on a daily basis, but only those who are of real interest to him. This is exactly where the Forbes PWA comes in and aims to take the user experience to a new level. One more reason for us to take a closer look at the PWA. 😉

Forbes PWA: individual, fast and varied

As soon as the progressive web app is stored on the smartphone’s home screen, users can store interesting topics in the PWA. The Forbes PWA informs you when there is news from exactly this or that field. In this way, users are not overwhelmed by a flood of information, but are selected and individually informed. Thanks to the technology used, the Forbes PWA is many times faster than the currently available mobile Forbes website. Furthermore, image content can be displayed and exchanged more quickly in the progressive web app. In this way, users are always provided with varied information adapted to their needs. This variability pays off:

  • PWA registers 43 % more sessions per user
  • Ad viewability up 20 %
  • 100 % user engagement in the PWA

Suitable contents invite you to linger

The PWA and its impressive figures clearly show that users welcome the PWA with open arms and are motivated to interact longer with the app to receive relevant information. Forbes has managed to identify user behavior and the needs of its users precisely and picks them up where they are every day: on the Internet.

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