User profiles help you learn more about your customers

User profiles for a better understand of your customers

User profiles to better understand your customers

To ensure your success in the long run, it is important that you understand the needs of your customers. The better you succeed, the more individually you can reach your customers and intensify the customer relationship. For your customers, this means that they only receive information from you that brings them something and thus offers them added value. To achieve this, user profiles help you to get certain information from your customers and to use it for individual offers and actions.

Preparing and maintaining user profiles correctly

With our CRM, each of your customers is assigned a user profile, which you can customize individually. In addition to the standard information such as name, telephone number and e-mail, other information that you would like to know about your customers is of course suitable for each industry. A restaurant, for example, would like to know which dish or drink is the most popular of the guests or how many stamps have already been collected for the digital stamp card. For a hairdresser, the number of appointments already made is an interesting detail to animate the customer to another one. Or for a bookseller, the question arises as to which book genre the customer prefers. The adjustment of the profile is not done at once, but a changing process.

Encouraging customers to complete their user profiles

In order for such information to be used for future marketing activities, companies should encourage their customers to complete their user profiles. Of course, a healthy measure is also required here! Asking the customer every day will annoy customers in the long run and in the worst case lead to losing customers. A good approach is to tell customers why they should complete their profile and what benefits they get. Coupled with an offer, there is a good chance that they will complete their profile. You can solve this e.g. via chat message of our Marketing Automation:

“Fill in your profile to become a member of our club and receive exclusive offers. As a thank you, you’ll get a 25% discount on your next order.”

Exact segmentation of your customers

The more information you store in the user profiles, the better you can divide your customers into different segments. So you can send an individual message to segment A and segments B and C get a completely different offer. You can also create different campaigns for these segments and thus achieve automated, but still personalized, address. Whether a user or a specific user segment – multi-value content based on the respective user profile – is the key to success here.

Relationship-oriented instead of program-oriented

Make yourself aware that your CRM is not just a program through which you receive data from your customers. It is important to understand that your customer management system contains information that comes from a good customer relationship. Therefore it is inevitable that you have the user profiles of your customers in the CRM continuously in the view and with ever more information fill, which you would like to experience from your customers.

It’s easier to measure success

This continuity – keyword here: lively CRM – makes it easier for you to measure and analyze the success of your actions or events. This also gives you the opportunity to react quickly and, if necessary, adapt marketing campaigns and thus address customers differently.

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Please also visit our support page. There you will learn everything about how to manage users and how to reach them best.



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